Dear Troy and Winnie,

I just arrived home, back in the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada… and didn’t wanted to loose time to thanks you again for the help you, the Lucky Dog and sailor Reno provide us on those difficult times after hurricane Dorian.

We, CORE, with a team of Search & Rescue, went to Abaco Island for a rescue mission and medical assistance. As the island was devastated after Dorian, the only solution was to find a “mobile base” where we could stay and launch daily operations.

I will never forget the warm welcome and your constant efforts to help us and make us feel “at home” aboard the Lucky Dog: you are definitively for a great part in our mission success.

Having almost no experience in the boats and sailing world, I always felt secure and in experts hands while on board. I would (and will) recommend the Lucky Dog and her crew to anybody who want to experience an adventure on a great ship, in a beautiful part of the world.

Thanks again and “bon vent”

CORE coordinator for the Search & Rescue mission in Abaco Island (September 2019)

27 Nov 2019, 18:08
to me

The Lucky Dog vessel from the Virgin Islands was in Nassau for luxury charters but dropped everything to bring an NGO to Abaco a few days after the storm and they have never left. They have been volunteering in the relief efforts from Marsh Harbour to Grand Bahama and back, housing workers and helping to keep us all alive and moving forward one day at a time. Thank you Troy & Winnie Standish for your unwavering commitment to all of us. Your kindess, generosity and relief efforts are greatly appreciated…..Cindy Pinder

My family (husband, wife, two small kids) has had wonderful times on the Lucky Dog.  Troy and Winnie Standish (the seamless husband and wife Lucky Dog team) are the best, end of story.  Troy is a master captain.  Winnie is a master entertainer and cook.  And Winnie is quite savvy with the boating aspect and Troy is quite savvy with the entertainment aspect, as well.  So, together, they make for a lovely time for their guests.  By way of entertainment, there is plenty at the guest’s disposal.  Diving.  Fishing.  Great food.  Great drinks.  Just hanging out on the yacht decks catching some sun rays.  Stopping in at various ports.  Just cruising around.  Sightseeing.  Maybe taking a dinghy ride to spend time at an isolated island you discover (or one of the many Troy and Winnie already know about).  The list goes on.  If a rating system was based on ten stars, my family would give the Lucky Dog (and Troy and Winnie) a 100 star review.  You cannot go wrong with this as your charter selection.  Make it happen, book the Lucky Dog, and have the time of your life!! Jeff

We had a wonderful 2 weeks in the  Bahamas with Captain Troy and his lovely wife.

We flew to Nassau and then took the hopper to the Exumas Island where we were picked up by Lucky dog our MotorYacht.

I have twin boys Harrison and Jordan avid snorkelers and just passed their PADI so waiting to do their first dive and there younger sister who is a bit of a fish.

The boat was really big for us. We were recommended by friends and knew what to expect.

Lucky dog isn’t a new fast,slim gin palace as we call them where I’m from.

She is a big, broad boat with loads of room and a huge top sun deck.If you want flash for your cash, this isn’t for you.

We however wanted lots of room,to stay in an acceptable price range,good food and a very comfortable atmosphere, Lucky Dog was great for us.

As soon as we got on the boat we met Remy and Winnie’s rescue cat, that lives in the crew quarters..

We were all offered re-usable water bottles,we had brought our own. However and Winnie explained to all of us how important it is to look after

 marine environment,littering and to  care for coral reefs, amongst other things. She also told us that they used as little single use plastic on the boat as possible on the boat and why.

We left Exumas the following day having moored offshore it saves money and you have a much better view of the island, and headed north towards Big Farmers Cay,we spent most of the

 day just moving along at a steady pace watching the pleasant view of the many islands that make up the Bahamas. After a massive lunch I fell asleep,having only drank

 half my beer, to hear the shout of ‘dolphins’ by my daughter. We stopped the boat and watched them swim around us and then some of us went to swim

 but unfortunately the dolphins  had things to do and left.

We stayed offshore again, I think looking at Musha cay, and just enjoyed the sunset and the best bbq ribs we can remember having,ever.

The following day after a swim and breakfast we headed to Farmers cay.

We anchored up and  Troy took us to shore with their dog Remy, where we had a small island to ourselves.

They left us to explore and snorkel! 

About 2 hours later they returned with a picnic basket and lunch which was perfect,we were on a deserted island having a picnic!

Everything was picked up, with the children helping with the litter. 

The following day was more swimming,we went to Farmers cay,did more swimming,read a book and did a lot of nothing too.

We made our way up north,slowly,we were in no rush ,like slow cooking, a holiday is best when not rushed.

We did get to Staniel Cay ,after mooring again offshore. So much better than being in a marina,where there is less privacy. 

Troy cooked for us on the bbq, Winnie had marinaded and done all the hard work in the kitchen as usual.

We spent a few days here.

One day we were picked up by a local dive shop that know all the best dive sights and we spent 3 to 4 hours having the best dive experience and trying out my new go-pro water housing.

Another one we all went to, Pig Beach, where there are lots of resident pigs that swim out to your tender, its great fun and an unusual experience,the children loved it!!!

We got up close to nurse sharks at Compass Cay and had  a picnic on a sand bar that dissppears at high tide.

Finally we finished at Sampson Cay, relaxed, tanned and very happy, we said good-bye to Capt Troy, Winnie the excellent cook,Remy and the cats.



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